” I need a wife to marry before corona kills me,” -Rev Victor Githu


The youngest Kenya Rev.Victor Githu leaves people shocked as he said that he wants to marry before he gets killed with the deadly covid -19.

On his Facebook and Twitter account he posted in the morning that God had spoken to him to fulfill his work by fill up the world before he gets killed by corona virus.


“I don’t want to die childless to be questioned by my heavenly father just because I want to impress my earthly dad , I want to marry.”- Rev.Victor Githu wants Kenyans to intervene so that his earthly dad allows him to marry.

Reverend Victor Githu has become an internet sensation for some time following his prowess in the Bible and the ministry. The 10-year-old shocked many with his boldness and courage in spreading and defending the word of God.

In an interview with TUKO.co.ke, Githu’s ministerial journey has not been an easy one as it was filled with objection and rejection.

At his tender age, many people did not believe that the little man had an idea of what he was doing and some considered it a joke.



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