Just in : First corona victim in Kenya survive from the deadly covid-19.


The Ministry of Health has confirmed that the first Coronavirus,(COVID-19) case in Nairobi has survived and now is free to interact with her relatives.

The case, which was confirmed on the 12th March 2020, is the first one to be reported in Kenya since the beginning of the outbreak in China in December 2019.


Doctors reported that the woman had strong white blood cells that we’re able to fight the virus with the assist of the drugs.

Ministry of health argues Kenya to remain calm and avoid panic since covid-19 is manageable if we enhance clean hand and avoid rubbing eyes, mouth and nose.

The Lady is now stable and behaving quite normally.  There is no need for alarm.  The Government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Health, continues to strengthen measures to ensure no further transmission of the disease in Kenya. The National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus preparedness and response will continue to provide strategic leadership working through whole Government approach to respond to this case in the implementation of mitigation measures.


I wish to assure all Kenyans that we have been beefing up our preparedness capacities since the first confirmed cases in China. The Government will use all the available resources to respond to this case.


The Government has traced all the contacts of the patient since her arrival in Kenya. Kenyans are reminded that most people who become infected may experience only mild illness and recover easily, but the disease can be more severe in others, especially the elderly and persons with other chronic illnesses.



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