(Video)Tension in westlands as residence force to quarantine vera sidika after she coughs in her beauty shop .


Tension in wetlands as angry residents almost killed Vera Sidika after she refused to be quarantined after she was suspected to be a corona victim.

Vera customers realized that vera was having signs of coronavirus and had to contact the hotlines.


“I am just having a normal flue not covid-19, am not going to a public hospital to be a quarantine, I have my personal doctor and he is the one to deal with me.”

The supermarket attendant said that Vera was coughing and was also having difficulty in breathing. This is when the attendants signal each other and raised an alarm.

The attendants are said to have escaped and shouted that vera may have the deadly virus of covid-19.

Vera is said to have traveled from Slovenia on 7th and she was screened at arrivals where she was safe from the virus.

Vera was transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital by red cross team where the text are going to be done .


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