Just in: Kilifi Deputy governor attempts suicide after infecting his sickly mother with covid-19


After jetting back into the country from Germany with covid-19 and reportedly infecting dozens of others, being taken into isolation at a facility in the coast and thereby being arrested after recovery, Saburi’s woes seem not to be coming to an end any time soon.

After his arrest, it is reported that Saburi’s sickly mother became the latest victim of covid-19, courtesy of his son’s negligent act of not doing self quarantine after jetting from Germany.


It is reportedly said that, Saburi passed by the medical facility at the coast where his mother is being nursed and interacted with her at length. It is feared that this may jeopardize the health of the already ill and old lady as statistics say old people who get infected with COVID-19 have slimmer chances of surviving.


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