“I will rather die than have a baby with pastor Ng’ang’a,”- Pastor’s wife.


The current wife to pastor Ng’a ng’a,   of  Neno evangelism who almost cost bishops their jobs has gone viral after posting that she rather die than have a baby with Ng’ang’a.

Mercy said that she is ever molested by his husband in order to bear him a child.”I can not allow giving birth to a child that I will never love since I was forced to marry the man I didn’t like.


Mercy on her Facebook account urges Kenyans to help him since she does not love pastor Ng’ang’a, she got married to please her parents who are loyal church members of pastor.

“Please Kenyans help me get out of this toxic marriage, I need I guy slightly above my age, not ma father’s age ,” she wrote on her Facebook account.


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