New agents of Corona virus spread? Nairobi face mask vendors under spotlight


As the fight against covid-19 intensifies in Kenya, the pandemic continues to deepen as the number of confirmed cases continues to rise.

The government has put in several measures to mitigate the pandemic. Among them includes maintaining social distance, washing hands regularly, sanitising, covering mouth and nose with disposable tissue while  sneezing, avoiding public gatherings, doing self quarantine and wearing face masks.


Members of the public are trying to practice these as much as they can but there is a cause of concern since the government advised all members of the public to wear face masks while in public places. The streets of Nairobi have been awash with vendors selling face masks since the ministry of health issued the directive and there has been cause of alarm on how the masks are being handled. Residents have raised concerns since the masks are touched by all potential customers who would check through all the available masks to get their best or what they want. This puts the buyers at a precarious position because one may buy a mask touched by an infected person and thus end up getting infected too after using the contaminated mask.

The ministry of health needs to intervene and regulate how the masks are sold or else vendors may be spreading covid-19 further without knowing.


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