Breaking: China oder all Africans who refuse to be quarantine to be killed


The Chinese government has ordered all Africans who have refused to be quarantined to be killed by the end of 10th April 2020.

This is after they evicted all Africans tenants from their buildings and thrown to streets.


 The most terrifying and mysterious question about the Coronavirus is: Why has Africa, home to 1.3 billion people, only reported three cases and no deaths?

Worldwide, coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, has been found in eighty-six thousand people and killed almost three thousand in more than sixty countries. And Africa is usually an incubator of epidemics, not an island of safety from them.

What makes Africa different? The answer reveals some tragic realities about African healthcare, some painful political realities about China’s relationship with its own people and with Africans, and presents an opportunity for the United States.


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