“I have a 2 kids with Ken walibora.”-Sally wanjiru.


A twenty-three years lady accuses the walibora family of neglecting her in burial arrangement of her late husband as she claimed to be.

Sally claimed that she has a daughter and a son of the late Walibora ken.When word went round that Professor Ken Walibora (pictured) was unreachable, the Kiswahili fraternity feverishly started reaching out through friends and social media.


I called him several times and wrote an email seeking to know if he was fine. We had talked a week before Easter about the need to stay safe and alive during the physical distancing phase, on account of Covid-19 in Kenya.

“He showed respect to all irrespective of status. He was dearly loved and greatly admired by both his students and his colleagues. His teaching and research work has been outstanding, ,”Gateru said.

Walibora previously worked with Nation Media Group in various capacities including as a news anchor and was a columnist with Taifa Leo until his death.


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